The Abandonment of Doubt


J.R.Christenbery, 2014. 42”x42” acrylic on canvas.

Life is Surging at this very moment. Around you- through you… As you. Your mind is a tool slowly & tenuously mastered- a lens, of sorts, that you use to focus this Life-that-you-are. This is where many trip up: The mind only ever remains a tool, and as powerful as it can become, it will never compare to or replace the Pure Life that we are. If the mind is a lens, what matters that lens when the light itself is at hand? The mind is useful. YOU are essential- and quite skilled at Living w/out minding your mind.

Stop trying to listen to your heart so that It can become you. Forget thinking and embrace knowing.
Flow happens… Mind is absorbed and blended into Being, and Life’s sweetest nectar is tasted.



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